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#1 PCBs....

Post by jack »

Bit of a conundrum.

Having had a rush of blood to the head, I ventured into the loft of my workshop...

Found all sorts of stuff: Enough fans and DC motors for several lifetimes. Dozens of old chassis. Packing crates for stuff that went years ago. Old pairs of skis... Ski boots eaten by mice... A box of 600' and 1200' magtapes... Some Dectapes! My old university notes & thesis...

However, there was some good stuff, amongst which was a very lightly used Mega PA104 heated bubble etch tank - probably used 5 times (if that).

I no longer make PCBs, but someone might and this is an excellent tank - around 285 plus VAT new. It runs fine and is a serious bit of kit.

Any interest in this sort of stuff? Or is there another use? (*)

(*) No, not as a jacuzzi for mice...
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