Anyone Fancy a MoFo Project?

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#1 Anyone Fancy a MoFo Project?

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Now that I'm working on my TOKIN SIT follower I need to dispense with my abandoned MoFo project.

I have a pair of mostly assembled MoFo boards, like the one in this picture (PRP metal film resistors and Nichicon FG output caps).


Along with a nice large aluminium heatsink, pictured below (vital statisitics - 500 x 330 x 115 cm (20 x 13 x 4.5“) and about 7.5kg).


To complete it needs a power supply (I am sure I have a PCB for a CRC or CLC arrangement I can include), two chokes (to load the MosFet) and the usual chassis sundries, which will depend on your style choices...

Just a reminder that the MoFo is a current buffer with no voltahe gain so a preamp with reasonable gain will be required to drive it.

Anyway, your for £30 and I can deliver to Owston if it suits.

I also have two spare bare MoFo PCBs if anyone is interested?
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