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#1 Wanted: cartridges to buy or borrow

Posted: Wed Jul 14, 2021 6:46 pm
by Ant
Im in need of a couple of cartridges to help with testing of the new arm

Ideally to buy, but if anyone is daft enough to lend me something id appreciate it

Ive got the dynavector which is what it has been tested with throughout, but i need to see how it performs with other stuff. I sold off my collection about 12 months ago, so its just the dv that is spare now, and as the at33 is on the air arm which is such an absolute pig to set up, im not disturbing it.

Ideally, i could do with both an mc of some description, and an mm. Nothing specific, just stuff thats relatively common

If anyone can help, thanks in advance
Cheers ant